Sky Viper Camera Drone

Sky Viper Camera DroneSkyrocket Sky Viper Camera Drone (Skyrocket Toys) Our rating: 5 stars

Remote control flying toys are a favorite with many girls as well as boys, and their parents too. You used to be able to get regular RC helicopters and planes that would simply fly, but now, as well as flying, the Sky Viper Camera Drone can capture video and still photos from the air.

Older kids and young adults will be excited to have their own “spy in the sky”. So let’s take off with the Sky Viper and see what you get.

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Sky Viper Video

Sky Viper Quadcopter Camera Drone Features

* Flying drone toy with video and still camera
* 640 x 480 resolution video
* Works from up to 100 feet high
* Records up to 30 minutes of video or 25,000 pictures
* Quick charge LiPo battery in quadcopter
* Controller requires 4 AAA batteries
* Age 12+

Sky Viper Camera Drone Review

The Sky Viper Camera Drone is the latest in a line of remote control flying planes and launchers from Skyrocket Toys. Remote control flying toys have always been a kid’s dream, but traditionally the technology put the price of these toys out of the range of many people. Now, like everything electronic, they’ve become cheaper, and you just might find this stunning RC camera drone is within your price range.

It’s a quadcopter that carries a camera capable of taking video recordings and still snapshot photos from up to 100 feet in the air. The quality of photos is pretty good, although as you’d expect, it’s easier to get a clear and accurate shot if your drone is a little lower. You can see the quality of the video recording in the video higher up on this page.

Sky Viper Camera Drone boxedOf course, it’s worth explaining a few privacy issues to kids before letting them loose with this toy – like, it’s not okay to take pictures of the neighbors sunbathing in what they think is their secluded backyard, and post them on Facebook! But with the agreement of their friends, it’s great for spying games. You can also use it to take aerial photos of your own house and yard.

We’ve even seen it suggested that realtors could use the Sky Viper Camera Drone to create flyover video tours of properties – but keep in mind this is a toy. You might not get the professional look your clients would expect.

The package includes a media cable for downloading and sharing your video and photos. It comes with a LiPo battery that Skyrocket Toys claim is quick to charge, and gives the Sky Viper quadcopter more flying time than charging time. It may be faster than most rechargeable batteries with this kind of power, but it still takes at least 30 minutes to recharge. You might want to get a spare battery so you can put another in and extend the flying time, especially if you’re going to be using it outdoors in a park or other area where you would not be able to charge it on site.

It seems pretty durable but comes with spare propellers in case you break one. The controller takes 4 AAA batteries.

Storage of video and photos is excellent, with space for up to 30 minutes of video at 640 x 480 VGA resolution or 25,000 still shots. This is a lot more than you could take in one flight, since the battery only gives 5-10 minutes of flying time if you are using the video recorder (a little more if you’re not). It also does some great flips and other stunts at the press of a button.

All in all, the Sky Viper Camera Drone is a highly recommended remote control flying toy for anyone over the age of 12. The four-rotor quadcopter design gives a very good level of control. RC vehicle fans will love to add it to their collection, and anyone new to remote controlled toys will be wowed by everything it can do.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published December 4th, 2014

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