Skylanders Swap Force Figures Review

Our rating: 5 stars
Skylanders Swap Force characterThe Skylanders Swap Force figures are a collection of 16 new physical and virtual characters based on the popular Skylanders game series. Just like the previous creations of Skylanders Figures, this will allow your child to either play with a real action figure or connect it with a video gaming console to play the virtual version. The new Skylanders game and the required Power Portal are both available for all the modern video game systems.

Let’s fly over and go deeper into what the Skylanders Swap Force Figures can offer.

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Skylanders Swap Force Video

Skylanders Swap Force Figures Main Features

– Included in starter kits with the video game or available separately
– You can possibly make over 256 swapping creations
– You can play with either the virtual or physical version
– The figures can be connected or transported to their own video games
– 16 characters which have swappable bottoms and tops
– Age: characters 6+, game has an ESRB rating of 10+

Who Can Enjoy Skylander Swap Force Action Figures?

Skylanders SWAP Force GameSkylanders Swap Force is a new Skylanders video game (click to see our Skylanders Swap Force game review). The original action figures of Skylanders can be virtually transported to your Sony PS3, Nintendo 3DS, Xbox, Wii and other major video gaming systems through the Power Portal and connecting it on suitable USB cord. Swap Force characters have an added innovation which is the interchangeable tops and bottoms to add more twist to the 16 characters.

With this feature, you will have 2 options in playing which are through playing with the action figures physically or transporting and playing them virtually.

This will definitely let your child explore their imagination and improve their creativity as the action figures have their own powers and characteristics both on the lower and upper parts of their bodies. This allows players to make hybrid characters, power and moves. Each gaming system will be required to have the starter kit to gain access of these new characters.

Some of the new abilities of the characters included here are teleporting, bouncing and flying allowing them to explore the unsearchable sections and areas on the previous Skylanders games. The new Skylanders system delivers 16 original characters and 8 new characters. After purchasing the starter kit for the specific gaming system that your child uses, they can start playing with the characters in the starter kit.

For more adventure, you can purchase addition bundles, battle kits and adventure kits. The new game has better graphics to impress and amaze your child while playing the game and this will definitely provide them hours of pure enjoyment. The new Skylanders characters include Wash Buckler, Trap Shadow, Stink Bomb, Spy Rise, Rabble Rouser, Rattle Shake, Night Shift, Magna Charge, Hoot Loop, Grilla Drilla, Freeze Blade, Free Ranger, Fire Kraken, Doom Stone, Boom Jet and Blast Zone.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published October 13th, 2013

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