Skywalker Trampoline Review

Skywalker 15Feet TrampolineSkywalker 15-Feet Round Trampoline & Enclosure

Our rating: 5 stars

Kids love to bounce, and one way to stop them breaking your beds is to get them a trampoline! Having a Skywalker in your back yard is a sure way to keep a child being active and having fun without any need for an exercise regime.
So is there a downside? Let’s see what customers thought.

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Skywalker 15 ft Trampoline Features

* Large 15 ft trampoline area
* Safety enclosure
* Galvanized steel frame for durability
* Reinforced T-sockets prevent frame twisting
* 6 W-shaped legs for stability
* Rust resistant
* Surround comes in blue, red or green
* Age 6+
* Weight limit 200 pounds

This review is for the 15 foot trampoline:
you can see other sizes of Skywalker Trampoline here

Skywalker Trampoline 15 ft Review

Kids and adults adore trampolines! With its large size spring pad, kids can happily and safely bounce away on this trampoline for hours. Even a child who has never seen a trampoline before is sure to love it!

It’s designed for safety too, with the enclosure preventing anybody falling off the side. The opening is zippered and the frame is strong and sturdy.

Skywalker trampolines are designed for safety and durability, creating a play area that should last any family for many years. The enclosure has one zippered door (which you should check that the child closes each time) so there are no gaps where a hand or leg could be caught, and no chance of falling off the side.

The enclosure netting attaches directly to the jump mat v-rings using a ‘button-hole’ feature with no ropes to thread. The frame is rust resistant and all materials are made with durable UV protected material for increased weather resistance.

What You Need To Know

The trampoline is easy to assemble but you do need to follow the instructions and pay attention to how the door is aligned. If you just go ahead and start assembling without looking at the directions you could end up having to start over.

This isn’t a cheap item but with a piece of equipment like this, you get the quality you pay for. They do have smaller options which are cheaper, and you can check those out through the link below. The size you choose will also depend on the size of your yard, of course. It’s a significant purchase but with the possibility of giving years of fun, it’s well worth it!

The Verdict

With this in your backyard your house could be the most popular on the block! It’s a strong and safe trampoline design that will be fun for any child from age 6 right up to adulthood. It’s well made and should last you for many years. Highly recommended.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published June 12th, 2013

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