Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch

Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch ReviewSpyNet Secret Mission Video Watch Review
Our rating: 3.5 stars

The Spy Net Video Watch is a great hit with kids age 8 and over who like gadgets and tools. Kids love to use the working video camera and microphone plus other hi tech features. They can record up to 20 minutes of video or 4 hours of audio – secretly! They can also capture up to 2000 still photographs just by pressing buttons on the watch. You might even want to use it yourself!


The Secret Mission Video Watch can record audio, video and photos that your kids can either play back on the watch’s screen or upload to any computer. For even more fun they can download video missions from Spy Net HQ and upload their own videos.  The battery is rechargeable and there’s a USB cable included.

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Why It’s So Fun

Spy gear is exciting for adults as well as kids.  Kids can use it for all kinds of play and share the videos with their friends. They can even use it for serious purposes like recording any trouble they have with other kids.  They can take video or voice recordings secretly with the watch. The Secret Mission Video Watch has some fantastic features and kids can use it to take photos in real time or time lapse mode, as well as recording videos.  It’s easy to use and kids can transfer their photos and videos to a computer.  The watch also tells the time in different time zones – so it can look just like a regular watch if you don’t want to reveal everything that it can do.

One of the features that kids will love is the lie detector that’s a real blast to use.  It also has a built-in voice changer that kids can use to make a boy sound like an old man, or a girl sound like a boy.  Kids never get tired of using features like these.

Keeping in mind that it’s a toy, the quality of the video is pretty good.  It’s better than the video feature on some toy cameras that could cost twice the price. But it’s the secrecy factor that kids really love!

The SpyNet Secret Mission video watch is even more fun for a bunch of kids to play with than for one kid alone.  Kids can test it out on each other, make up their own games and have loads of fun.

Nothing’s Perfect

No toy is perfect, and the Secret Mission Video Watch has one or two things that could be improved. The audio is only okay, unless a person speaks directly to the microphone.  Some kids have problems hooking it up to the computer. In that case you may have to use the reset button at the back.  Recorded videos shouldn’t be erased when you do this, but you do have to reset the date and time.

Age Range

The toy is recommended for kids from 8 to 15.  Older kids will easily figure out how to work the spy watch but an 8 year old will probably need some help the first time.


The Spy Net Secret Mission Video Watch is good value for the features that you get.  An impressive product that is both fun and educational.

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Our Our rating: 3.5 stars

Published December 2nd, 2010

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