Sweet Island Dreams Mobile Review

Our rating: 4.5 stars

Sweet Island Dreams thumbnailThe Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams Mobile is created specifically to bring the experience of being in tropical environments to your child. In the video above you can see it from a baby’s perspective, looking up, and you can hear one of the peaceful tunes that it plays (plus the child singing along and playing with toys!) It is made with the aim of bringing peace and calmness to your child during playtime or sleep. This will bring a lot of pleasure to most babies right from the early days. Let’s move closer and take a look.

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Sweet Island Dreams Mobile Video

Sweet Island Dreams Mobile Main Features

– Suitable for all ages of baby from newborn up
– Includes a music box that has a remote control
– Can play continuous music for 20 minutes
– Can be used as a nightlight to comfort your infant
– It has smiley and colorful animals on the limbs
– It has a tropical setting theme design
– It can be attached easily to almost any baby crib

Tiny Love Sweet Island Dreams Mobile Review

Sweet Island Dreams mobileAt first sight, the tropical themed design of the Sweet Island Dreams baby mobile is pretty cute. The animals which are attached on the limbs of the tree have vibrant colors to make them appealing to infants. The animals include birds, a giraffe and a monkey.

This mobile can help to encourage the early learning stages of a baby’s development. The hanging items of the mobile are all designed to help infants to use their skills in spatial perception and strengthen their eye muscles.

The comforting music and sounds which can be played in this mobile along with the movements of the hanging animal toys can engage the infinite imagination of an infant. The music can last up to 20 minutes which should be long enough to soothe your baby and help him or her go to sleep comfortably.

The mobile has a long batter life which is important to keep your child engaged with it. The night light has the right brightness to let you check on your baby during the night without disturbing him or her.

Sweet Island Dreams mobile on cribThere are 8 tunes in total and they can be controlled using the music box on the side of the crib at the base of the mobile. An older baby can learn to press these buttons for themselves. You can also control all of this from the handy remote. Some buyers have complained of a noisy motor but we think this must be just a fault on some models that should be returned for a replacement. You can hear how it should sound, in the video at the top of the page.

The Sweet Island Dreams mobile can be easily attached to any crib with slatted sides. It goes under the top rail, through a gap between the slats. You should check out the dimensions using the link below before ordering, to check that it will fit your crib, but it should be fine on most cribs provided they don’t have solid sides.

Overall, this is definitely a great mobile which can last long, easy to install and has fantastic features for your baby.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published October 22nd, 2013

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