TMNT Stretch Toys – Leonardo Stretch ‘N’ Shout

TMNT Action Figures: Stretch N Shout Leonardo Review
Our rating: 4.5 stars
TMNT Stretch LeonardoOne set of toys that have stayed popular over the years is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

There is now another new set of TMNT stretch toys that have been released for this season and these are expected to be in massive demand from kids.

Meet the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Stretch N Shout Leonardo! You can stretch him out, almost like the old Stretch Armstrong toy, which became very popular in the 70s – but kids today will think Leonardo is way more awesome!

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TMNT Stretch N Shout Leonardo Review Video

TMNT Stretch Toys Review – Stretch N Shout Leonardo

In a fun new take on TMNT action figures, the Turtles’ Leonardo, the most popular Ninja Turtle, has been given an outfit of battle gear. He carries classic weapons, the dual Katana, which allow him to go into battle with bad guys.

You can also stretch him out while you’re in the middle of the battle and you’ll hear his battle cries. The harder you stretch the turtle, the louder he gets and he will shout out quotes which are taken from the Ninja Turtles movies. This can be great fun in the middle of a battle with Shredder and the Foot Clan.

TMNT Stretch Leonardo with childThree batteries of triple A standard are required with this toy and it is a good idea to get rechargeable ones so that you don’t have to keep buying new sets each time they run out. You do get batteries included in the pack but oftentimes these starter batteries are not great quality so they may not last long.

When you hear the words ‘Cowabunga’, you will know that your child is playing with this toy. Leonardo will shout out this and other words as he is being stretched to a length of up to 8 inches.

Stretch N Shout Leonardo is designed for kids of age 4 and up. The total height of this toy is 13 inches and the clever voice activation gets higher in pitch the more you stretch him. He may even say ‘It’s turtle time!’ when your child is enjoying themselves with the toy.

Although this toy can only really stretch, and doesn’t do many other things, it has become incredibly popular with kids and is in high demand. The reason is that kids love to play with this toy over and over again. It’s a good big size and an impressive TMNT action figure.

The simplicity of this toy is what makes it so cool. The Ninja Turtles have become incredibly popular over the years and their exciting story lines and colorful selection of characters makes them an enjoyable toy to play with.

If you like the sound of this toy then why not invest in some other Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles action figures. Other members of the turtle clan are available, such as Stretch N Shout Raphael. He comes kitted out in the classic Raphael suit and has a red eye mask instead of the blue mask of Leonardo.

If you have a turtle fan in the house and your child enjoys playing with TMNT figures then why not pick up the Stretch N Shout Leonardo action figure? You can bet he’ll go down a storm.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published December 5th, 2014

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