TMNT Mutant Mania Mutant Masher Review

TMNT 2014 Toys: Mutant Mania Mutant Masher Review
Our rating: 4 stars

Mutant Mania Mutant MasherHaving originally developed from a comic book, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have become incredibly popular over the years with young children. Many toys have also been released which have included the turtles in various situations.

One of the latest toys is that of the Mutant Mania Mutant Masher Road Rumbler truck, which is a TMNT vehicle playset that comes with one of the Mutant Mania characters. This toy should appeal to kids and also to parents, thanks to its competitive pricing. In this review we will take a look at this toy and see what might make you want to buy it.

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TMNT Mutant Mania Mutant Masher Video

TMNT Truck – Mutant Masher Review Features

* Load your Mutant Mania figures into the truck
* Ejector seats send figures rocketing into the air
* Includes stretching rack for transforming characters
* Comes with one exclusive wrestler figure
* Age 5+

TMNT Mutant Mania Mutant Masher Review

This TMNT playset in the form of a truck for Mutant Mania characters combines elements of vehicles and wrestling. Kids who already own some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Mutant Mania toys will love this vehicle as an addition to their collection. This is because you can put your other characters in the vehicle and drive them around – but only Mutant Mania and similar sized characters. Bigger TMNT action figures probably won’t fit.

One of the key features on the vehicle is that of a stretching rack and this allows children the ability to build individuals from the ground up which can be done by the connection of various parts of the body, so as to make a new mutant which can then ride in the vehicle.

The vehicle also comes with a selection of compartments which can be used to store smaller pieces of the toys and this will come as good news for the parent who gets sick of a messy house filled with little toys. It’s one of the 10 hottest Christmas toys 2014 in our view.

One of the most exciting features of the vehicle is on the passenger seats, which can eject into air and launch the toy characters that are sitting on the seat. This will make them fly up into the air.

The character that comes with this TMNT vehicle is a mutant wrestler that has a body and removable head as well as legs and a flexible spine. There is also a guide which comes with the toy and this gives information concerning the turtles.

This toy is ideal for children of the age of five upwards and will also appeal to parents, thanks to the fact that it does not need any batteries in order to work. This cuts down on costs and means that the toy will work around the clock without the need of charging.

In total there are 120 different characters which can be collected in this set and if the child feels bored with their characters, they can take them apart and mix and match the different parts to build them into new characters.

Some of the standout Mutant Mania TMNT figures are those of the metallic style. These look great and will appeal to the kids and therefore are a good choice for stocking fillers and Christmas presents. They are also great fun to use when playing with other toys and have different maneuvers with wrestling moves. They also have spines which can bend and stretch.

The Mutant Mania Mutant Masher TMNT playset will not be available in every store, so if you want one, it is a good idea to invest in it as early as possible, so as to make sure that your child does not miss out.

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Our rating: 4 stars

Published November 23rd, 2014

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