Cloud B Tranquil Turtle Review

Tranquil Turtle AquaOur rating: 5 stars

The Tranquil Turtle is a plush nightlight that has a soothing music player feature which can become both a companion and a sleep aid for your child. It’s an upgrade on Cloud B’s well known and very popular Twilight Turtle, which acted as a night light but didn’t have the additional feature of music.

Let’s have a closer look at the Tranquil Turtle to see how it compares with the Cloud B Twilight Turtle and discover what parents say about it.

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Cloud B Tranquil Turtle Nightlight Features

– Underwater-style light projection, moving or still
– Adjustable light intensity
– Plays soothing ocean sounds or a melody if you wish
– Adjustable volume
– Auto shut off feature
– Battery powered for portability
– Uses 3 AA batteries (supplied)
– Suitable for babies and children of all ages

Tranquil Turtle Night Light Review

Tranquil Turtle AquaCloud B’s Twilight Turtle has been a hugely popular night light for kids all over the world for some years. Now they’ve brought out the new Tranquil Turtle. It keeps the popular plush toy turtle shape but also offers great new soothing sounds to help babies, kids and even adults relax at bedtime.

There are three different modes to select from. In the classic mode, there’s no sound and the turtle simply projects an underwater ocean-style light display on the ceiling and walls of your child’s room. You can adjust the brightness of the light and you can choose to have the watery lights either moving or stationary.

Then there’s the ocean sounds audio setting. With this on, the Tranquil Turtle will play relaxing watery sounds that come preinstalled in the toy.

Finally, there’s a soothing melody that you can choose to play instead of the ocean sounds if you prefer.

The original Twilight Turtle night light was great but this is a hugely improved upgrade. It’s not that expensive considering how much use you will get out of it either.

It’s portable, powered with AA batteries, so kids can have their familiar nightlight toy when they spend the night away from home. Not having it connected to the electricity supply is also safer if kids are going to be cuddling it. We recommend using rechargeable batteries to save money.

Some parents in online reviews said they’d prefer if it would stay on all night. But the auto shutoff is there because pediatricians recommend that babies and children should sleep in silence. So it’s better for your child that it shuts off.

The bottom line is that the Tranquil Turtle is a great buy for babies and kids who enjoy soothing music and like to have a nightlight while they sleep. The new soothing sounds are an excellent upgrade on the Twilight Turtle night light and plush toy and the ocean light display makes a good product even better.

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Our rating: 5 stars

Published January 22nd, 2014

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