Ugglys Pug Electronic Pet Review

Uggly PugOur rating: 4.5 stars

The Ugglys Pug Electronic Pet is the perfect dog for both kids and adults. This electronic pet will never soil on your carpet or chew on anything such as your slippers but it is fully capable of entertaining its owner. It is available in various colors such as beige, brown and gray. It is created by Moose Toys and is suitable for children 6 years of age and up.

The Ugglys Pug can perform gross and funny actions, making rude sounds that will have kids in fits of laughter. It is fun-oriented especially for kids who want a pet to play with. Let’s take a closer look at this hilarious little electronic dog.

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Ugglys Pug Main Features

– It is suitable for kids ages 6 and up
– The sounds that the dog makes are customizable
– The hand puppet can help improve creative skills
– It is capable of making more than 30 sounds
– It includes an adoption certificate as a proof of ownership
– 3 AAA batteries are required. The batteries are not included

Ugglys Pug Electronic Pet Review

Uggly PugThis electronic pet only weighs about 1 ½ pounds for easy and comfortable usage. It is advertised to be disgusting and mischievous but behind those characteristics, it is actually enjoyable and amusing to play with. This is a perfect purchase for children and preteens because this will definitely make them laugh as it does hilarious stuff. It makes over 30 sounds including burps and farts. This electronic dog even snores when it is left alone.
It is an ugly, yet a funny, hand puppet and this toy will reveal the mischievous side of your child. You will be able to adjust the pitch of the pitch of this toy to either lower or higher through just dialing the dog’s collar. This feature will really come in handy in case adults get tired of this toy’s gaseous adventures.

Upon slipping your hand inside, it will immediately be activated and wake up. You will be given with an adoption certificate for you to have a proof of ownership just like having a real pet. This hand puppet will most likely attract young boys rather than girls but it can be used to make children of any gender to laugh.

With these features, this is definitely the right toy that you must have for your children. Playing with this hand puppet toy will keep your children busy laughing. They will feel like they are being tickled because of its hilarious behavior. It is highly durable because it is made of hard, pliable plastic and it is designed to look just like a real pug. All in all, Ugglys Pug is both ugly and attractive inside and out.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

Published October 16th, 2013

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