Wii U Review

Wii U blackNintendo Wii U Review

Our rating: 4 stars

So Nintendo have launched a new Wii! The brand new Nintendo Wii U console hit the shelves just in time for Christmas 2012. The Wii U controller is an all-new tablet style instead of the older wand. There’s a whole new menu and there are Wii U games being released, of course. But does the Wii U make a good gift? Read on to find out.


* Tablet-style Wii U controller.
* 6 inch touch screen with stylus.
* Comes with 8GB or 32GB capacity.
* 32GB Wii U comes with NintendoLand games.
* Control tablet includes camera and speakers.
* Compatible with older Wii controllers, nunchucks and games.

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Wii U Review

The first release of Nintendo’s Wii changed the way that we play video games. It was the first console to offer motion sensor remote controls. Then Sony and Microsoft came out with similar products. So now, Nintendo are changing things up again with the Wii U.

Wii U whiteWhat’s New in the Wii U

If you prefer the old style controllers you can still use those, but now you get a tablet-style ‘GamePad’ with a touch screen to interact with games. New features include drawing, flicking, tapping and of course, interacting with the motion sensors from an old Wii console if you have one. If you have an older Wii you’ll also be glad to hear that your existing games should work just fine with the new console.

NintendolandThe Wii U 32GB model comes with the NintendoLand mini games which are a great way to get started. There is also an 8GB Wii U that is a little cheaper. But when you consider that as well as getting the Nintendoland games (which cost over $50 to buy separately) you are also getting four times the storage capacity, the Wii U 32GB is the better buy.

The WiiU console offers several online features for gamers to network with friends. There are also parental controls so you can disable some features if you don’t want kids to be able to use them.

Room For Improvement?

The main issue that customers have had with the Nintendo WiiU is that after taking it out of the box, you have to spend a little time downloading updates. This can take from 1 to 3 hours, so if you are planning to give this as a gift for a child it’s worth doing all of the updating before you wrap it. Otherwise you could be spending a lot of Christmas or birthday time downloading updates with an impatient child hovering at your shoulder!

Other reviewers have said that the new menu icons are a little slow to load, and sometimes the Wii U seems to lag or freeze. Nintendo should get that fixed pretty soon.

The Verdict

If you (or your kids) want to keep up with the trends in game consoles then you’ll definitely need a new Wii U. More and more Wii U games are coming onto the market and the new style Wii is a must-have experience!

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Our rating: 4 stars

Published December 6th, 2012

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