Wow Wee Paper Jamz Guitar Review

WowWee Paper Jamz Guitar ReviewWow Wee Paper Jamz Guitar Review

Our rating: 4.5 stars

Give your budding rock star a toy he’ll truly love – the Wow Wee Paper Jamz Guitar.  Designed for kids over 3 years old, the paper-based and plastic guitar will have your kid jumping and rocking to hot music.  It’s an affordable and innovative toy that is a real bestseller.

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Your kid will be playing like a pro with this one-inch thick paper-based guitar.  The guitar has no strings.  Instead, it uses the touch-sensitive Active Graphics Technology embedded in the paper.  All you have to do is strum or tap the guitar to start playing like a real rock star.

Despite how it sounds, it is strong and sturdy. It’s a great toy for a child aged around 4-8. Older kids would probably prefer a real guitar so they can learn the strings. The Paper Jamz plays pre-recorded sounds.

There are three modes for playing the paper guitar: Perfect Play, Rhythm Mode and Freestyle.  Perfect Play is for playing any of the three songs that comes with the guitar.  Rhythm Mode controls the rhythm for each song, and Freestyle lets you play real chords.  You can even make up your own songs.

The guitar also has a karaoke function.  Players can mute the vocals or backing tracks and really hear themselves. Kids will figure out how to use it real fast.

It’s available in 6 exciting styles and each one comes with three songs, so you get 18 songs. But please keep in mind that several different styles of the Paper Jamz Guitar are available. You may pick one that has different features than the one we reviewed.

The guitar is equipped with a built-in speaker with volume control.  It also comes with a headphone jack for your headphones or the Paper Jamz Amplifier which can be purchased separately.

Why Kids Will Love It

If your child loves music, this is a fantastic toy for him.  The Paper Jamz Guitar will give him a realistic and exciting rock star experience at an affordable price.  Your budding musician will not have to play air guitar any longer.  Give him a Paper Jamz Guitar and pretty soon he’ll be making his own music.

This toy guitar can teach your child the basics of playing music, although it’s not like a real guitar.  It’s also an entertaining way to jumpstart his (or her) music career.  Okay, it may sound like noise right now but if properly nurtured your kid’s musical talent will shine.

Six guitar styles are available and each style works well with its corresponding drum set style.  If your kid has guitar style 1 and another kid has drum style 1, then they can jam together.


Paper Jamz Guitars by WowWee are very affordable and will provide entertainment for musically-minded kids.  Kids will learn the basics of making music and they’ll love figuring out all of the different things that the toy can do.  Order it now and develop your kid’s love for music.

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Our rating: 4.5 stars

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